Founded: July-2007

MembershipStrength: Current - 300+

MembershipArea: Southwest Virginia

MembershipIndustry: Hospitality(Hotel/Motel), Convenience Store, Healthcare, Food, Finance

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How the AABOA movement was shaped?

Asian American Business Owners Association (AABOA) (previously known as Roanoke Valley Asian American Business Owners Association - RVAABOA) was formed in 2007 by Asian American business owners located in South West Virginia. The purpose of AABOA is to provide a strong platform to business owners to share their knowledge, experiences, business related issues, and vision. AABOA provides the means to get their ideology across in united voice.

A meeting of about 30 business leaders was called in early 2007 to formalize the legal entity which will bring success and strength. A working committee was formed to provide the organizational structure. The working committee drafted by-laws and formed an organization to make a legal entity which is now known as Asian American Business Owners Association (AABOA).

The main goal of the AABOA for coming years is to emerge as a well respected and recognized business owners' association known to the larger community. The dedicated support from each and every member will make this goal reality.

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