At Asian American Business Owners Association (AABOA), we believe that working together will enable us to expand our market reach, attract more customers, and establish our name. Members of our organization are eager to be contributing positively to the community by providing only quality products and services to citizens. Each day, we make a conscious endeavor to raise the standards of quality in conducting business relations.

As Asian American business owners, we have faith in each other's businesses to be resilient with the dynamic tides of the modern economy. We will help each other grow our companies by promoting integrity in business practices and nothing less. We work to provide a strong platform to business owners where we can share knowledge and expereinces with each other regarding business related issues.

Being a member of AABOA allows us to be recognized as a key player in the community's growth in trade and commerce. We will share our expertise and inspire sustainability among peers in the organization.

AABOA - Board of Directors



We established AABOA in order to provide a strong platform to business owners of Asian American ethnicity to share their knowledge, experiences, and solutions for business related issues. AABOA is our means of spreading our ideology across Virginia in a powerful and united voice.  We stand together!!

In the coming years, we plan to realize our mission to emerge as a well respected and recognized business owners' association known to the larger community.

AABOA is here to serve its